How to create a twitter advertising campaign in Australia

Twitter Advertising Australia

Twitter is now marketing its advertising in Australia.  So the question everyone is asking: How do I create Twitter advertising campaign in Australia and is it worth it?

To help answer those questions, we share our how to guide and also share the results of some of our experiments.

How to create a Twitter Advertising Campaign in Australia?

We have been experimenting with the tool and the direct advertising on Twitter.  We will share the highlights of creating a campaign and also a small sample of our results.


To start, you need to go to and login and navigate to the Campaigns page.


On the Campaigns page, you click on the Create new campaign button.


 Then select the campaign type.  For this how to, we show the example of Tweet engagements










Here is a sample of our results.


Warning:  I am not sure what happened, but the cost per engagement was greater than what was specified.  I thought I had put in 5 cents, but the cost per engagement was 16 cents.    

See results image.



 In this case the majority of the traffic came from IOS (Apple) operating systems.  Desktop was second and Andriod was third.

This is one way to buy twitter advertising.  Another way is buy digital advertising directly from the publishers.

We can run your twitter advertising.  For details, call us on (03) 9005 8116 in Australia and (847) 380 2847 in the USA.


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