Why Twitter cannot be ignored

Twitter is in the process of reinventing itself.  They are working through ways to make money (monetising) from their platform.  

The world cup showed that they are on the right track.  There were more than 32 million tweets during the actual game.  This is more than the next biggest tweet fest of the Superbowl where there were around 25 million tweets. Phigit provides a way for publishers on Twitter to monetise their content.  Take a look at the stock chart ..


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Facebook to reduce effectiveness of Click Bait

Click bait is the process of creating content specifically to generate a click by a user.  Normally it is done to increase the interaction on a site and often done to generate further income.

Facebook has announced that it is attempting to reduce the use of clickbait.  According to Phigit,  Facebook is the clear leader in social traffic and this attempt seems to be a genuine attempt to help with the UX (user experience).

Social media traffic

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